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Disconinjaz is a net-label hailing from Barcelona, Spain. Since 2006, we are dedicated to releasing funky arcade dance music, 8bit, video game music, electro, acid traxx, chiptunes, chipstyle disco, and dada-rave under the strict quality control. Over the years, our eclectic party-rocking live shows spread around Moscow and Barcelona area pushing the chipstyle culture to the streets.
Contact: info@disconinjaz.net
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Penny and Ashtray from Osaka, Japan brings two funky NES tech-house tracks.
Nintendo consoles are full with modern bleeping club euphoria!

Also check out previous net-release on candy mind and
a rocking vinyl "12-inch floppy disko" on saasfee.


  Bottlesmoker from Bandung, Indonesia bring two indietronica poptunes.

Asian dream casio ninjaspirits!



Vincenzo from Budapest, Hungary brings six tracker-funk drops.
Chipstyle music at it's best!

László "Vincenzo" Vincze is a musician of anywhere from 8 to 32 bits, mostly known as a (former/retired) member of the demoscene team Conspiracy. His residence is located at Budapest, Hungary in his self-made home studio. He is in love with old-school commodore 64 chiptunes, and as his first machine was the famous commy, he started to compose music on the good ol' computer in 1993. Later he changed to pc and started to write music for various demoscene productions. He has composed a bunch of groovy chiptunes over the years, and in 2004 he formed his very first rock band where he played the Hammond organ with one hand and the Rhodes piano with the other. While he worked for various Hungarian radio stations, he continued to stay active as a demoscener. In 2006 he created the Hardread Podcast together with his good friend Pohar. Some months later they were asked to join the demoscene portal BitFellas. After a successful joining Vincenzo and his pals created more than 60 podcast episodes under the name BitJam Podcast selecting quality demoscene music, mixing it together and releasing it to the audience. Today he is still composing music (chiptunes, funky stuff) and working for a game developer company as a sound designer.


Rico Zerone, our 16-bit agent from Vienna, Austria, presents three tracks somewhere between VGM electro-funk and arcade-disco complemented with an extended balearic remix by Owen Meyers and Dimitry Ghost. Lo-fi 80's full on!

Design by The AndroidVision. Mastered by DiscoNinja.


Be prepared for some serious party-rocking: we are proud to welcome our long-awaited artist, Ikram Choudhury aka Ikuma from Singapore. In this 4-track EP he delivers an incredible mixture of uplifting gameboy beats and bleeps together with TB-303 acid house basslines.
Gameboy party bliss!!!

A former member of a warez/software cracking group back in the day, he was given a cease and a desist order and decided to focus on music. Over the years he has produced under various monikers in different genres. As Ikuma, he delivers a party-rocking 8bit frenzy, using all kinds of vintage consoles and analog synthesizers and claiming Japanese Telecom, Kanye West, and Jake ‘Virt’ Kaufman among his musical inspirations. Ikuma has been rocking 8bit and electronica festivals around the world including The Blip Festival in New York.  Check out his interview for awe50me.com and get ready for his funky four-to-the-floor gameboy acid trax on Disconinjaz.



Guillermo Blanco aka Dr. Vector hails from Rome, Italy. A veteran of the demoscene (member of the Megahawks and Italian Bad Boys groups) and surely an italo-disco music lover, he has been producing music modules since he got his Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 back in 1987/88. Specially for Disconinjaz, Dr. Vector presents an excellent four-track EP of uplifting amiga disco and italo tracker music. Enjoy!


Cover-art by Marc Torices. Mastered by DiscoNinja.

[DN.CD.01] Barcelona Bakalao "Rock`N`Rave" CDr

Barcelona Bakalao, a dada-rave trio from Barcelona, Spain, seriously inspired by various analogue musical equipment and ideas of live improvisations and jam-sessions with their friends, invite you to a weird and wonderful acid/rock&rave journey.

Recorded live by Dmitry Bogdanov, Diego Garcia, Owen Meyers, Reset Sakrecoer, Antoine Martimort, Dmitry Tikov 2008-2009. Edited by Dmitry Tikov.

Equipment used: Korg MS-20, MS-10, Roland TB-303, TR-707, Tenori-on, korg Tape Stage echo, Gakken SX-150, Korg Kaoss Pad, Casio SA-5, 1-bit groovebox.

Released in collaboration with Good Karma records.

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