László "Vincenzo" Vincze is a musician of anywhere from 8 to 32 bits, mostly known as a (former/retired) member of the demoscene team Conspiracy. His residence is located at Budapest, Hungary in his self-made home studio.

He is in love with old-school commodore 64 chiptunes, and as his first machine was the famous commy, he started to compose music on the good ol' computer in 1993. Later he changed to pc and started to write music for various demoscene productions.

He has composed a bunch of groovy chiptunes over the years, and in 2004 he formed his very first rock band where he played the Hammond organ with one hand and the Rhodes piano with the other.

While he worked for various Hungarian radio stations, he continued to stay active as a demoscener.

In 2006 he created the Hardread Podcast together with his good friend Pohar. Some months later they were asked to join the demoscene portal BitFellas. After a successful joining Vincenzo and his pals created more than 60 podcast episodes under the name BitJam Podcast selecting quality demoscene music, mixing it together and releasing it to the audience.

Today he is still composing music (chiptunes, funky stuff) and working for a game developer company as a sound designer.