Dimitry Ghost is the head of Disconinjaz label, dj, musician and promoter from Moscow, Russia.

He started as a net-audio deep-tech house dj, taking part in the famous Moscow internet radio Deepmix in 2004-2005.

In april 2005 Dmitry and his friends founded Chipcult, the first russian community devoted to chiptunes and micromusic - starting a modern scene in Russia and organizing parties between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Since that time he has played a unique mixture of danceble 8bit chiptunes, micromusic, electropop, keygen music, video game music and disco. Dmitry's mixes became a catchy password in the world of chipstyle music for a lot of people.

In 2006 he lunched Disconinjaz net-label.

In 2007 he moved to Barcelona and started expanding his projects on international ground supporting the local indie electronic scene.

Dmitry's current projects include dj performances in his unique style around the city, managing the label, participation in Barcelona Bakalao improvisation rave music group and his own avantgarde-minimalist production as Lonely Night Flighter.


CONTACT & BOOKING: info at disconinjaz.net